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The Crafty Kit

Sealed White Frame



Display your resin art projects in your walls! The Crafty Kit offers Sealed White Frames available outside the resin art kits if you want to get a separate one. Perfect for 8x10 resin crafts! Hang your projects in your living room wall, or display them on your shelves.

-High quality and durable - Protect your resin art while displaying them! This white frame is made with premium quality materials suitable for long term use. Hang it in a wall, or use it as a table centerpiece!

-Perfect for minimalist themes - Beautify your minimalist-inspired interior with a resin art in a white frame! Highly recommended for almost every corner of your house.

-Personalize it as you like - Decorate the frame itself with your preferred design! You can add sequins or glitters on the sides to make it more lively.