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The Crafty Kit

DIY Peace Love Joy Chalkboard Planter




Create your own greenery with The Crafty Kit’s DIY Peace Love Joy Chalkboard Planter! This kit features an all green decor, highlighting a beautiful succulent arrangement and a customized chalkboard. Write your own thoughts!

  • All-in-one kit - Everything you need in one package! Each set includes a chalkboard wooden planter, decorative mini ornaments, neutral and green moss, cinnamon sticks, neutral pebbles, soil and a DIY instructional/plant care card.
  • Highly customizable - Arrange your new wooden planter in any way you like! You can add extra decor and combine your succulents with other tiny plants. You can also change your text from time to time!
  • Add up to four succulents! - Spacious and durable. This customizable wooden planter can accommodate up to four succulents along with your preferred decor.
Suggestion 2-3 succulents