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The Crafty Kit

DIY Shimmer Mirror Kit



There’s nothing more beautiful than a hand-crafted pocket sized mirror! Decorate a mirror mosaic and place it in your bathroom to create a colorful mirror wall. The Crafty Kit’s DIY Shimmer Mirror Kit has beautiful color combinations of mosaic pieces perfect for retro interior themes!

  • Comes in a complete set - Start your tiny mosaic mirror with everything you need! Each kit includes a round mirror, sparkly pink, blue, purple and teal mosaic pieces, glue, red, pink, blue and light blue acrylic paints and paintbrushes.
  • Perfect for all ages! - Get several kits and craft shimmer mirrors with your kids! With a colorful combination of colors, they will definitely enjoy putting them together patterns as they like.
  • A wonderful gift idea - Hand-crafted gifts are always the best! Arrange and decorate several shimmer mirrors in different designs and give them as a gift to your girl squad.