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The Crafty Kit

DIY Shimmer Butterfly Kit



Butterflies symbolize change, hope and life. Create a beautiful butterfly collection and bring positive vibes to your home! The Crafty Kit’s DIY Shimmer Butterfly Kit has got everything you need for a beautiful mosaic artwork. This is suitable not only for kids, but also for adults so it’s a perfect bonding activity for the whole family!

  • A perfect home decor - Craft a lovely butterfly mosaic and display it in your walls! You can make it as colorful as you want or just create a certain color combination that will match your home’s theme.
  • Highly collectible - Get several DIY Shimmer Butterfly Kits and create different color combinations! Both kids and adults will love crafting colorful butterfly mosaics.
  • Easy to assemble - Perfect for people of all skill levels! It doesn’t require a kiln or any special equipment. Grab your own kit and start your artwork right away!
  • Comes in a complete set - Get everything you need in one kit! Each set includes a butterfly plaque, sparkly pink, blue, gold and teal mosaic pieces, glue, white grout, purple acrylic paint and paint brushes.