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DIY Beautiful Slope Bowl Planter Kit

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Succulent Quantity: 1 succulent


DIY Beautiful Slope Bowl Planter Kit


Keep a wish rock inside your planter and make wishes on it! Popular folktales say it helps your wishes come true. The Crafty Kit’s DIY Beautiful Slope Bowl Planter Kit has an inclined design to make it easier for you to assemble and see (and display!) your design.

  • Spacious and customizable - Add up to three or four succulents! Plenty of space for more decors as you like.
  • A complete set - Everything you need in one package! Each set includes an 6-inch slope bowl, wish rock, decorative rocks, moss and a plant care card.
  • A customizable wish rock - Request what you prefer your wish rock would look like. Pick a word and a decor that suits your desired planter setup.

Suggest a minimum of 2-3 Succulents