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The Crafty Kit

Candle Making Kit - 1 candle




Create a beautiful pink candle in the comfort of your home! The Crafty Kit’s Candle Making Kit of 1 Candle comes with a high quality dye that brings a beautiful pigment to your DIY candle. Perfect as a centerpiece or a shelf decor!

-An all-in-one kit - Everything you need for a pink DIY candle! Each kit includes 1 6oz jelly jar, soy wax flakes, 1 wick, a cup, gloves and stir sticks, fragrance and dye.

-Easy candle DIY at home! - Easily start your DIY candle with your own kitchen equipment! You only need a stove and a saucepan for melting your soy wax.

-A perfect home accessory - Place it on your center table, mantlepiece, or even on your bedside table! Light it up and let the fragrance spread throughout your room for a more positive and relaxing energy.