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The Crafty Kit

Wine Glass Kit



Unleash your creativity and craft a beautiful artwork out of a wine glass (without dipping into your glass cabinet)! The Crafty Kit’s Wine Glass Kit features a high quality wine glass perfect for painting and decoration. Create your own design and pattern to suit your home interior theme!

-A perfect home decor - Place it on top of your shelves to spice up your home! You can decorate it based on your wall color or preferred theme. For example, paint a Sakura tree and bring a touch of Japan to your home!

-Ideal for wine enthusiasts - This wine glass kit is a perfect collectible for wine lovers out there! Get several kits, create your own theme and line them up together to make a beautiful decor suitable for your office or room.

-Comes in a complete set - Get everything you need for a customized wine glass! Each kit comes with 2 20oz stemmed wine glasses, 2 1oz cups of gloss enamel paints and 2 paint brushes.